Our Advantages

    Art Logistics, Inc. specializes in hauling various non-perishable freight throughout the United States servicing customers of all sizes. Hot-shots and dry vans – we have the equipment, an extensive expertise and experience to move your load the right way.

    We are competitive

    Our first hand pricing reflects the low costs we continuously achieve through diligent, in-house fleet maintenance, experienced dispatchers, and the general economy of scale.

    We Are Safe

    Our drivers have approximately 1% incident rate and have a stellar record in random drug testing. All trailers are under 3 years old. Overall, our well maintained equipment has less than 1% failure rate. We carry cargo insurance of $250,000 twice the industry average.

    We are on Time

    Over 98% of our pickups and deliveries are on time. This figure includes events outside of our control such as extreme weather.




    On Time

    We are Flexible

    We can tailor your routine shipments or handle emergency requests any day or night. Our services address all dry-goods transportation needs, from small loads to large, heavy equipment moves.

    Heated Trailers

    Protect your non-perishable loads from freezing. We can ship your goods anytime, anywhere, in any cold and freezing weather using our temperature controlled trailers!

    About Us

    Art Logistics is the logistics company you need for transporting and consolidating throughout the continental United States. Our service currently specializes in delivery to southern states, including Florida, Virginia, Texas, and New Mexico. We also offer 48-hour delivery to all these southern states from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. We have years of experience with consolidation service, so you can always trust us with your important deliveries. For a logistics company which really cares and service you can rely on, choose Art Logistics.

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    Van Hauling

    We offer a full range of van transportation services across the United States. Our extra large vans are able to handle both partial truck loads (LTL) and full truck loads (TL) of non-perishable goods. Our affordable, reliable transportation services include:


    This is the fastest delivery service possible. We pick up your load without a delay and deliver it directly to its destination. To keep your priority load moving fast, our designated trucks are fully serviced every week, fueled in advance, and operated by team drivers as necessary.


    Our fleet can work only for you – on your schedule. You provide us with the hauling requirements once. We supply you with a specific number of drivers, trucks, and trailers on an ongoing basis. These assets are completely dedicated to your commands in accordance to the schedule.


    This is our very cost effective yet fast service. We save you money by routing your load thru our warehouses. This process is very efficient and allows for prompt and timely deliveries. We meet and often beat the industry averages. On average, your partial freight (LTL) is delivered in 2 business days.

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      ART Logistics, INC.

      Our History

      Art Logistics, Inc. hauls over 1,575 tons every week. We service customers requiring local deliveries as well as ones shipping across the U.S. However, our beginnings were humble. In fact, we began from the ground up. Art Logistics, Inc. came to life on July 10, 2003 in a spacious basement of a home in Villa Park, IL. Initially our tiny fleet consisted of two Volvo trucks and two drivers. However, by the time we were one year old, our ranks grew to two dispatchers, nine Volvo rigs and just as many drivers. To accommodate the more intense operations, that same summer we moved to a single dock warehouse in nearby Elmhurst.

      Art Logistics, Inc. was on to a good start.
      The next four years marked our continued rapid growth. By 2008 we registered in our name a total of 37 tractors, 52 trailers, and 3 Sprinters. Additionally, over 24 owner operators joined our ranks. Our warehouse capacity grew from 1 to 30 dock doors at our new location in Addison, IL. Today Art Logistics, Inc. is of the right size and experience to provide exceptional, one stop shipping services for customers of all sizes. Our on-duty dispatchers are reachable day or night. Our fleet services docks anywhere in the U.S. And we consistently deliver safely on time and on budget.

      Join The Team

      Career Opportunities

      At Art Logistics, we're always recruiting friendly, professional drivers. In addition to our career and development opportunities, there's a ton of reasons to work with us and we'd love to have you. Join the winning team today!

      Attractive Salary

      We pay our drivers according to experience and always offer top wages to our team.


      Trust goes both ways here at Art Logistics as an important part of our core values.

      Great Atmosphere

      We work hard, but we create a comfortable and relaxing work environment for our team.


      Full-time employees receive full benefits packages, customizable to your individual needs.

      Quality Vehicles

      Driving is a vital part of our job, so you’ll be driving newer, well-maintained automobiles equipped with Green APU.

      Career Opportunities

      Most of our drivers stay with us for years, so upward mobility is always available.